The Great Bone Race

a Novel

by Steve Butz


"Dinosaur Mania was at it's peak, the Civil War was still fresh in peoples' minds and Tammany Hall corruption was ruling New York. This is a great effort by an up-and-coming author. The pace of Jurassic Park with the real life backdrop of Andrew Carnegie's "Bone Wars" and a great 'Indiana Jones' hero make this book a winner! If you enjoy adventure, science and history this is the book for you. Watch out "National Treasure"!"

Taking place in 1871 against a backdrop of the golden age of paleontology and the beginnings of human fascination with dinosaurs, this story begins with the violent destruction of a Paleozoic museum in New York City and the unique competition that results. In response to an eccentric millionaire s contest to assemble the world's greatest collection of dinosaur bones, fascinating characters take off on individual quests, full of action and intrigue, in search of fossils. Loosely based on real historical events, the epilogue offers a true account of the real-life people and events that inspired the story and their important contributions to the science of paleontology. - A non-stop historical action-adventure set amongst the fascinating time when dinosaur mania takes hold in America. - Flaming dinosaur skeletons come alive! And that's just the beginning of this fun, fast paced race to discover dinosaur bones. - Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Jurassic Park!